We are pleased to introduce this special collector’s edition of 100 Recipes from 100 Books to celebrate the publication of 100 titles in our Original Series of bestselling cookbooks. While Company’s Coming has expanded to include other authors, our beloved founder Jean Paré is the author of all of these Original Series, and we are especially proud of them. Jean’s many years in the catering business was the perfect environment for her to launch a successful cookbook series.
Supported by her team in the Recipe Factory, Jean tested many thousands more recipes than the 16,000 or so Guaranteed Great™ recipes that made it into her cookbooks. They form a library of Canadian and multicultural recipes that span every facet of Canadian cuisine. Jean’s Golden Rule to Cooking continues to inspire Company’s Coming to this day: “Never share a recipe you wouldn’t use yourself.”

• 100 cookbooks in 33 years

• features a recipe from each 100 Original Series cookbook

• Canada’s most popular cookbooks

• all 100 were national bestsellers
• over 35 million cookbooks sold

• every recipe kitchen tested and Guaranteed Great™

• recipes use everyday kitchen ingredients.
Tried, tested and true – Guaranteed Great™