Angels, universal beacons of hope, symbols of humanity and grace. In this book, you will encounter people who have had extraordinary experiences, and you will read stories that may seem impossible or too amazing to be true. Vernon Oickle recounts deeply personal stories of real people who have encountered otherworldly beings who have brought comfort and provoked life-altering changes: * A woman in white appears on the deck of fishing boat and warns a fisherman of impending danger * Lost in a blinding snowstorm in a dense forest, a boy is guided home to his family by a mysterious stranger * A young boy saves his family from perishing in a house fire after a strange visitor wakes him up and leads him to safety * During a difficult delivery, an expectant mother sees a woman engulfed in a bright light hovering over the doctor and knows that everything will be all right * An unknown man appears out of nowhere to save a young girl from drowning, and then he suddenly disappears * While sitting in a jail cell, a despondent man has a life-changing conversation with another man in the cell next to him, only to find out the next day that the cell was empty * Many of these true stories defy logic, yet point to the existence of angels among us.