Manitoba is full of fascinating places and colourful people. Read this entertaining and lighthearted collection of facts from every part of our middle province:
– The grey owl is Manitoba’s official bird
– According to one source, the Harlequin Romance publishing empire had its roots in the windy city of Winnipeg
– The Golden Boy, a bronze statue wrapped in 24-carat gold, is proudly perched atop the dome of the Provincial Buildings
– The Royal Winnipeg Ballet is a jewel in the crown of Winnipeg’s art scene. Not only does it produce world-renowned dancers like Karen Kain, it’s the oldest dance company in Canada and second oldest in North America
– Winnipeg’s Royal Canadian Mint has produced currency for 60 countries other than Canada
– Lakes Winnipeg and Manitoba might cover a huge portion of the province, but they’re really considered a shrunken lake the remains of Lake Agassiz, originally larger than all five Great Lakes combined
– According to 7-Eleven statistics, Winnipeggers down 400,000 slurpees per month, propelling the city to the annals of history as the Slurpee Capital of the World
– Manitoba boasts 2300 hours of sunlight each year
– The town of Gladstone is a happy, happy place, and townsfolk even proved it by erecting and painting the town’s roadside mascot, Mr. Happy Rock

– The town of Neepawa prides itself in being the Lily Capital of the World.

And so many more fun and interesting tidbits…