Babies are life’s little miracles. Everything about them — from conception to birth and beyond — is fascinating. Book of Babies includes intriguing scientific facts, strange stories, famous stars and their little ones, and cultural traditions from across the globe: * The Chinese believe that if a pregnant woman reads good poetry and thoughtful books, her child will develop a thoughtful and intelligent disposition * During a newborn’s first month, you can expect to change diapers 12 to 16 times per day; if using disposable diapers, expect to spend about $72 per month * According to number crunchers at the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, DC, as many as 106 billion people have been born throughout the history of the world * Spanish mother Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara delivered twin boys on December 29, 2006, and celebrated her 67th birthday seven days later * Despite the urban legend, babies are born with kneecaps, but they are more cartilage than bone and ossify around the three-year mark for girls and at age four or five for boys * Weird cravings are common to most pregnant women — Nicole Kidman craved radishes. * And much more.