There is much tradition and folklore surrounding weddings. Generation after generation, cultures have developed rituals, superstitions and events to make this day a special one to remember:
•The world’s most expensive wedding dress featured 150 carats of diamonds and was valued at $12 million
•According to one European study, 60 per cent of couples do not consummate their marriage on their wedding night
•Traditional stag parties for grooms and their buddies have been around since at least the days of the Roman Empire
•The tradition of wearing a white dress developed fairly recently when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert wearing a gown of white satin instead of the traditional royal silver
•Wearing pearls on your wedding day either wards off the possibility of tears in the future or are a sign of the tears that will someday flow
•Several states in the U.S., including Utah, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado and Tennessee, allow first cousins to wed under certain circumstances
•A young North American Hopi Indian man proposes by leaving clothing by the door of his intended’s home; her acceptance or rejection of the clothing signifies her answer
•In days past, the best man carried a charm in his pocket to ward off bad luck for the groom and his betrothed
•The tradition of tossing confetti at weddings evolved from an earlier practice of tossing rice, nuts and other seeds or grains as a wish for good luck, abundant harvests and a fertile marriage bed
•The average American engagement is 17 months, with June being the most popular month for wedding ceremonies, followed by August, September, October and May. And so much more…