This book takes you deep inside the weirdest and most peculiar aspects of our country:
• Yes, there is a lighthouse in Saskatchewan!! Climb 153 steps to the top
• The Diefenbunker is a relic of the Cold War that was built just outside Ottawa to house essential government and military personnel in the event of a nuclear attack; it is now a museum
• The Brussel Sprouts Festival is held yearly in the village of Rogersville, NB
• Lake Okanagan’s Ogopogo is one of Canada’s most well known monsters, but the weird thing is that at least 14 other unknown, cryptid lake creatures are said to swim this country’s waters
• The Old Sow tidal whirlpool, located in Passamaquoddy Bay, is the largest in the Western Hemisphere at 75 metres in diameter with a current speed of 28 kilometres an hour
• Over seven years 14 severed feet have washed up on the Pacific Coastline; some have been identified through DNA testing but the identity of most, and the reason for their find, remains a mystery
• The largest beaver dam in the world is 850 metres wide and is located in a remote corner of Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta
• The Hôtel de Glace in Québec City is sculpted from 500 tonnes of ice and 15,000 tonnes of snow.
Now, that’s just weird!
And there are hundreds more strange things about our country that you will learn about in Canada Weird, Strange and True!