Sometimes people think that Canada and Canadians are so nice that they are downright boring. This collection of amazing Canadian records and feats proves exactly the opposite:
* In April 2009, 1150 students from Ottawa’s Colonel By Secondary School took part in the World’s Largest Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament * The World’s Heaviest Bluefin Tuna, caught off the shores of Nova Scotia, weighed a whopping 1496 pounds and was as long as the combined height of two grown men * In 1879, Anna Bates gave birth to the World’s Heaviest Newborn, which tipped the scales at 10.8 kilograms–three times the weight of an average-sized baby * With 2579 steps, Toronto’s CN Tower has the World’s Longest Metal Staircase * Canadian Doug Pruden holds the World Record for the Most Push-ups Using the Back of the Hands — 575 push-ups in 15 minutes; he also performed 1382 one-armed push-ups in 30 minutes * When Spike, the elephant at the Calgary Zoo, cracked his tusks, he was fitted with the World’s Largest Dental Caps, each one measuring 50 centimetres long, 13 centimetres around and weighing 13 kilograms * Shane Bernier of Lancaster, Ontario, became the Canadian record holder for the Most Birthday Cards Received when he got five million cards from 36 countries for his eighth birthday * And many more…with crosswords, word searches and other games and puzzles.