The Maritimes has a long and treasured history of ghostly appearances and mysterious disappearances. Join ghost writer guru Vernon Oickle as he scours Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for skeletons, sunken ships and buried treasures, as well as the moving human drama provided by centuries of back-stabbing, greed, romance and love, all tinged with the paranomal:

the home of Aaron Churchill—the “hero of the sea”— near Yarmouth features pulsating orbs, missing objects and images of a young girl

Henry House is a popular restaurant and inn in Halifax named after its original occupant, but the Father of Confederation, William Alexander Henry, seems reluctant to depart

the Lunenburg Academy rattles with the eerie sound of more than mere mortals

audiovisual equipment at the Halifax Citadel has inexplicable interruptions, and ghostly images regularly make their appearance on the screens

ghostly “pink ladies” appear at night and tickle a small boy whose night fears disturb the whole family

in Dayspring, NS, an eerie presence appears to cuddle with people sleeping in a particular room

a farmhouse in New Brunswick has pounding noises from a bedroom closet, severe temperature fluctuations and odd, mellow music coming from no identifiable source

Prince Edward Island has a buried treasure of gold coins—but don’t bother trying to find it unless you want to face its fierce, ghostly guards

in Rustico, PEI, a poker game is interrupted by a ghostly, grinning figure in chains who snatches both cards and money before vanishing

…and more.