Canadian soldiers, sailors and pilots have fought consistently above their weight class in the forefront of the world’s major conflicts. And it was a Canadian, Lester B. Pearson, whose idea of a peacekeeping force defined Canada’s world role in a new way, drawing respect and recognition from countries around the world: * Afghanistan: Operation Medusa, an attempt to retake the Panjwavi District in Kandahar Province from the Taliban, turned into a deadly battle for Canadian troops. * Croatia: Sent as peacekeepers, Canadian soldiers engaged in fierce action and were respected for their role in quelling the civil war and genocide. * Korea: Members of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry repelled a massive Chinese attack and won the only U.S. Presidential Citation ever awarded to a Canadian battalion. * World War II: In some of the fiercest battles of the war, Canadian forces were in the forefront during the Dieppe Raid, D-Day and the Battle of the Atlantic. * War of 1812: Les Canadiens and the British troops fought to defend Canada, while Laura Secord walked into history. * Seven Years’ War: During a naval blockade on the Restigouche River, a French fleet was destroyed at the cost of only 24 British casualties. * And more.