Canadian Crimes and Capers is a rascal-laden romp through the annals of our nation’s criminal history that demonstrates you’ll find good and bad in any country.

Here are some of the evil-doers you’ll meet between the covers of this fascinating book:
Edwin Alonzo Boyd, dashing and clever veteran of World War II, was also a bold bank robber who became notorious for his sensational escapes from the Don Jail.
Hilda Blake earned notoriety as the only Manitoba woman ever to die by the hangman’s noose after the Brandon housemaid shot her mistress twice in the back.

The Black Donnellys, a fierce family of Irish immigrants, feuded for 20 years with their neighbours in Lucan, Ontario, until a cold winter’s night in 1880 when a bloody slaughter brought the fight to an end

Dr. John Schneeberger tried to escape conviction by cutting open his arm and inserting a tube of blood to confound police with bogus blood tests

Mad Trapper Albert Johnson led the RCMP on a wild 50-day chase and shoot-out across the Yukon wilderness before the Mounties got their man

Billy Miner charmed the folks of Mission, BC, with his refined manners and cultivated speech, while at the same time pulling off Canada’s first train robberies right under their noses

Bank manager Nick Lysyk embezzled over $16 million from a Bank of Montreal branch in Edmonton. When he was caught the money had disappeared on big houses, fast women and even faster cars.

…and there’s yet more murder and mayhem to be found in Canadian Crimes and Capers.