On ice and steel, Canada’s players have carved out a place among the greatest legends of hockey, pushing the edge and evolving the game into the fast-paced, strategy-laden sport it is today. This engaging book explores the stories behind the spectacular moments of Canada’s hockey record breakers:
* The Forwards: They Shoot, They Score tells of the great goal scorers in Canadian hockey, both past and present — Wayne Gretzky, ”Phantom” Joe Malone, Maurice ”the Rocket” Richard, Gordie Howe * The Last Line… Defence recounts stories of bold defencemen who are often goal scorers in their own right — Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Paul Coffey * Goaltenders: Behind the Mask details the careers of those quirky individuals who face the force of a frozen rubber disk with lightning reflexes — Patrick Roy, Terry Sawchuk * Canada’s Best on the International Stage narrates many of the momentous occasions where Canadian players have fought for honour in the game and won — capturing the Summit Series, Olympic Gold * Riots, Plagues and Other Odd Moments in Hockey relates the stories of off-ice events that have affected the game. * Finally, The Score Sheet lists the names and records of the top 10 in all categories of the game.