Colorado is full of fascinating and often humorous stories of strange places, bizarre events, intriguing history and colorful characters:
• Colorado has the highest paved road in North America; the road to Mt. Evans climbs an amazing 14,258 feet above sea level
• Mike the Headless Chicken Day is celebrated in the town of Fruita each year to remember the rooster that lived for 18 months without a head
• Loveland is home to the Valentine Re-mailing Program, where hundreds of thousands of love letters are stamped with romantic prose before being directed to their intended recipients
• Every March, Nederland holds Frozen Dead Guy Days in honor of deceased Grandpa Bredo Morstoel, whose remains are still being kept cool in a shed full of dry ice
• In Logan Country, it is illegal for any man to kiss a woman while she’s asleep
• Each year Manitou Springs holds the Great Fruitcake Toss using GPS technology to ensure distance accuracy
• The folks in Florissant host a mock election that is more truthful than most—only jackasses need run; in July 2005, a donkey named Paco Bell clopped away with the honorable title of town mayor
And so much more…