Author Dawn Sutherland has gathered together ghost stories from across the country, proving that crimes of the heart leave the deepest wounds. Tragic spirits of those who either died for love or were betrayed in the worst way possible by loved ones, often linger after death, heartbroken and unable to find peace in the afterlife:
• In many locations of Ontario’s Muskoka region, the image of a woman has been seen, dripping wet and begging for the answer to one question: Why?
• Residents of Saint John, New Brunswick, believe the ghost of Maggie Vail and her baby girl, Ella May, are responsible for the greenish glow that rises from the grave of their killer in the city’s Fernhill Cemetery
• More than a century later, people still see the spirit of a caretaker’s wife who was hacked to death by her husband and charred in the furnace of a building in Edmonton, Alberta
• The ghost of Mary Gallagher, killed by her best friend in a fit of jealous rage over a man, continues to make its appearance every seven years in Montreal
• Two lovers who chose to die together rather than be parted in life still haunt the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba
• The ghost of renowned architect Francis Rattenbury still wanders the halls of his most famous buildings in Victoria, British Columbia, wondering how his life went so wrong as to be ended so cruelly by his wife’s lover.