Incredible jumps, spectacular crashes, amazing wins and crushing defeats–these are the ups and downs of the pro snowboarder’s life. Meet some of the best Canadian riders to ever carve a turn in this look at one of the hottest extreme sports:
Victoria Jealouse’s journey from ski racer, to snowboard racer and on to one of the world’s most famous big mountain snowboarders
Ross Rebagliati who won Olympic gold in Nagano and then nearly lost his medal when he tested positive for marijuana

Greg Todds, who pioneered noboarding (snowboarding without bindings), and died tragically in an avalanche near his home
Kevin Sansalone’s luck and attitude that took him to the top of the big air competitions and beyond
Shin Campos, the snowboard adventurer who dropped a jump off Domanski’s, Whistler’s impossible cliff, and rode away clean
New-school star Etienne Gilbert’s comeback from injury to the slopestyle podium
Rube Goldberg, who went from digging jumps for the pros to riding as one of them
Justin Lamoureux, who put his engineering career on hold to become a World Cup half-pipe hero
Risto Scott’s love for the sport that took him from amateur to pro, and then off the slopes to marketing manager and team manager for a major board sports equipment maker
Martin Gallant, a rider who is tops in half-pipe, slalom, and moguls and one of Canada’s best all-around snowboarders with a reputation for getting crazy both on and off the slope.