If you yearn to make your garden the jewel of the neighbourhood–or even if you’d just like some fresh, new ideas to update the look of your front entry or deck–look no further. Rob Sproule is here to help. He’s spent most of his life at his family’s garden centre absorbing information on what plants look nice together, and he knows what plants work where and with what other plants. He calls the plant combinations ”recipes” and in this book provides you with all the ”ingredients” and ”instructions” you’ll need: * How to plan garden recipes keeping in mind the elements and principles of design, such as colour, texture, harmony and contrast, balance and proportion * 60 featured recipes with gorgeous colour photos, illustrations of plant placement, descriptions of specific plants and their needs, plus alternatives to suit your taste, zone and space * Basics such as soil types, container styles, what to look for when buying plants and how to care for the plants once you get them home * Answers to commonly asked questions relating to plant size and habitat, exposure, moisture, fertilizer requirements, and compatibility.