As everyone knows, Southerners are great storytellers. Nowhere is this more evident than in Georgia, where dramatic history and larger-than-life personalities make for some of America’s most gripping ghost stories. From the hustle and bustle of Atlanta to the haunted squares of Savannah and beyond, Ghost Stories of Georgia will terrify and amaze you: * Sir Godfrey Barnsley, a model for Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, is forced to confront the terrifying power of a Cherokee curse at his lavish mansion in Adairsville. * Forever heroic, Major John B. Gallie continues to guard Fort McAllister long after the cannon stopped firing. * Forbidden love, consummated only in death, lurks behind a haunting at the Midway Cemetery. * Renovations at Grove Point Plantation, the well-known retreat for the infamous pirate Blackbeard, stirred up more than just dust. * Reservations are no longer available at the Winecoff Hotel in Atlanta, but spirits of guests remained on the premises long after the cataclysmic fire in 1946. * For anyone interested in true tales of the paranormal, Ghost Stories of Georgia is sure to prove a chilling and unforgettable treat.