Virginia’s history is as rich as it is long: the first English settlement was established at Jamestown; Cornwallis surrendered to Washington in Yorktown, effectively ending the Revolutionary War; the Civil War ended only when Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, fell. With a history such as this, it is appropriate that the Old Dominion State has a wealth of supernatural folklore to go with it. The spine-tingling tales that make up this collection span the 400 years of Virginia’s past to its present: * The spirits of two young lovers torn apart by tragedy but reunited in death reside at the bottom of a well on one of Virginia’s first plantations. * Blackbeard may not have come back to haunt anyone, but the same cannot be said for 13 of his fellow pirates who died on Gallows Road. * Ghosts of Union soldiers killed in one of the first battles of the Civil War cannot leave the place where they died. * An encounter with a witch in the Virginia Appalachians spooks a group of campers. * The origins of the Wampus Cat, the mysterious, cat-like creature that roams the wilds of Virginia, form the basis of much speculation.