Three-book box set containing: * WEIRD FACTS ABOUT GOLF: The rich history of the sport has produced a wealth of screwball, outlandish and just plain weird tales. Discover where you can rent a llama as a caddy, exactly how many dimples are on a regulation golf ball and even the truth about the origin of the word ”golf.” * GOLF JOKE BOOK: Jokes are just part of the game when it comes to golf — duffers, mulligans, holes-in-one or out of bounds. And let’s not forget the wedge golf can drive into relationships. With jokes about everything from golf and marriage to old golfers and, of course, Tiger Woods, the Golf Joke Book is perfect for the golfer with a funny bone. * GREAT CANADIAN GOLFERS: Many talented and fascinating Canadians have made their mark in the game of golf, winning both at home and on the PGA tours. Read about the most memorable moments from the lives of Mike Weir, Stephen Ames, Sandra Post, Dave Barr and many more of Canada’s greatest golfers.