Do guardian angels watch over us? Do they intervene when we are in danger or inspire us to connect with our loved ones? Susan Smitten explores these questions in this new collection of incredible stories, based on testimonials from eyewitnesses. Learn about incredible coincidences that defy reason and protective spirits in everyday life.

An inexplicable presence saves a young woman from three potentially fatal car accidents, solidifying her faith in angels.

When her daughter draws a picture of the imaginary friend, a mother realizes that her three year old has befriended an angel.

Near the end of his famous trip around the world, Captain Joshua Slocum is forced to rely on a seafaring angel.

A skeptic changes his mind when a mysterious white dog saves him from being attacked by strangers, then vanishes before his eyes.

Overcoming his personal demons, the spirit of a dead ten-year-old boy helps a man to accept his own mortality.

A devoted and dynamic father, recently deceased, senses his wife’s grief and visits his family on Christmas Eve.

Lost in Mexico, a couple receives guidance from a mysterious stranger, who leads them to the border then promptly disappears.