Barbara Smith is back with an all-new collection of spine-tingling tales in Haunted Alberta. Ghosts, spirits, specters, poltergeists, doppelgangers, phantoms, paranormal entities — call them what you will, this province is full of them: * Two children in Edmonton have a ghostly companion named Tracy * One ghost haunts two houses in a quiet neighbourhood in Medicine Hat * A descendent of Mother Barnes, the famous 19th-century psychic, is attuned to an otherworldly guest in his Calgary home * Newspapers reported on a family in Daysland being terrorized by a poltergeist until the whole story was suddenly and mysteriously dropped * A young woman’s tragic, untimely death could not prevent her from keeping watch over her little sister * A friendly ghost named Rex never checked out of the Auditorium Hotel in Nanton * Historical tours of the Atlas Coal Mine in the Drumheller Valley often include a ghost or several * Spirits at the Yates Theatre in Lethbridge put on ghostly performances after hours for some of the employees * A spectral woman haunts the Dunvegan Bridge, oblivious to the fact that she died long ago * And more.