After the rifles, cannons and bugles fall silent, when the losses have been counted and the mourners are gone, the ghosts of war return. Drawing on the Civil War, the War of 1812, the Revolutionary War and other conflicts, storyteller Dan Asfar weaves tales of phantom soldiers, supernatural interventions and star-crossed lovers, capturing both the drama of battle and the enduring mystery of the afterlife: * Glowing blue orbs and phantom drumbeats shock visitors to Antietam National Battlefield, the scene of severe Civil War casualties. * The Angel of Mons descends from the heavens to spare thousands of British troops from a German assault during World War One. * The ghostly soldiers of Camp Hill–a phantom Civil War procession–startle travelers near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia * In a fascinating tale of divided loyalties, a woman’s love affair with a Confederate soldier brings a curse on her staunchly pro-Union family. * At Little Bighorn, supernatural remnants of the infamous slaughter bewilder a Vietnam vet. * As sites of suffering and incomparable sacrifice, battlefields remain poignant reminders of our most haunting history.