Cemeteries are places of quiet repose where the dead are left to their eternal rest. But some spirits refuse to rest in peace. Join Edrick Thay as he explores some of the world’s most notoriously haunted graveyards, both past and present, and interviews ghost hunters to discover how these eerie sites become charged with paranormal energy.

plagued by nightmares, a mother has her daughter exumed from Mount Carmel Cemetery in Chicago, only to make a shocking discovery

paranormal researchers encounter spirits of wounded soldiers in Ontario’s Drummond Hill Cemetery, once the site of bloody conflagration

when an archaeologist discovers a sealed tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, he awakens a terrifying ancient curse

at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, ghosts of celebrities from another era float among the decrepit tombstones

Anomalous Luminous Phenomena, or mysterious lights that defy explanation, illuminate Silver Cliff Cemetery in Colorado

Ohio ghosthunters descend on Camp Chase Cemetery in Columbus, hoping to come across the captivating Lady in Gray

a high school girl, fascinated with the paranormal, encounters a particularly irritable ghost at Bachelor’s Grove in Chicago

in Salem, Massachusetts, site of the infamous witch trails, a ghost materializes, still mourning his inhuman death