Hilary Duff is everywhere these days–from movie theatres to DVDs, radio and CDs, and even the clothing sections of major department stores. She’s definitely living up to her latest album title, Most Wanted.
Ever since she played the lead in the hit Disney TV show Lizzie McGuire, Hilary has been a teen superstar. Her list of credits as an actress would be enough to impress much more seasoned performers, but Hilary adds an impressive musical gift to her list of talents. Both Most Wanted and her previous album, Metamorphosis, hit number one on the Billboard charts. Hilary’s popularity even extends to her line of teen clothing, accessories, and cosmetics, which she launched in early 2004.

Long-standing feuds with fellow pop idol Lindsay Lohan and punk darling Avril Lavigne have only bolstered her celebrity. While Hilary has called for a truce, tensions continue to linger.

Hilary remains one of the sweethearts of music and movies today. She’s also an International Spokesperson for Kids with a Cause and regularly uses her fame to help people in need. She gave $250,000 for Hurricane Katrina relief. Along with her charity work, Hilary keeps busy starring in new film projects and selling out stadiums on her Still Most Wanted tour.

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