Sports journalist Arpon Basu profiles today’s rising stars in the National Hockey League. He looks not only at their on-ice performance and statistics but also probes the human story behind their victories and struggles, revealing the journey they’ve taken to reach the highest echelons of their

• Sidney Crosby, the 18-year-old hockey phenom whom Wayne Gretzky predicts will break some of his own records

• Jerome Iginla, the tough and talented leader of the Calgary Flames and one of the few black superstars to emerge in professional hockey

• Rick Nash, the youngest player in NHL history to win the league’s goal-scoring title

• Zdeno Chara, the Slovakian-born defensive star of the Ottawa Senators–and at 6 feet 9 inches the tallest player in NHL history

• Vincent Lecavalier the remarkable player from Québec who led his Tampa Bay Lightning team to the Stanley Cup Championship in 2004

• Dany Heatley who first made headlines with his amazing puck-handling skills and scoring ability but whose talents were overshadowed by a car accident that changed his life forever.

And many others…