Riding with the Wind presents soul-touching stories of birth, death, hard work, speed and thundering hooves that tell of a lifelong love of horses in the West. The author’s fascination with horses started at a young age when she’d ride anything, including pigs and cows. She’s been in rodeos and races, on trail rides and cattle drives, and on runaways and green broke horses. She even got married on horseback. She’s encountered them all: the affectionate horses that’ll nicker a greeting every morning; the heroic ones that’ve saved lives; and the ornery ones that’d rather take a chunk out of your arm. She’s rescued horses from certain death and nursed their wounds from barbed wire and junk piles. These heart-warming tales glow with her savvy horse wisdom, earned over a lifetime with these captivating animals. The stories don’t tell how to buy a horse, how to train a horse, how to handle different temperaments or even how to break a horse to ride. They are stories about one woman’s enduring love for horses.