Focusing on relationship, parenting and sexuality, The Intelligence of Love puts into words how profound honesty changes life from the inside out, how the vastness of human consciousness begins with an open and soft heart.

“When you are on your deathbed, and you look back into your life, it won’t matter to you what you have done with your life. What will matter to you is what you have done with your heart.”

At seventeen years old, John de Ruiter awakened to the deepest dimensions of reality. He realized that living in this world was not about himself, but the tiny little bit he knew was true in his heart, which is one with all of consciousness. Since his awakening, John has become recognized as a luminary of deeper truth. He began teaching and sharing his knowledge wherever he was invited. For the last thirty years John has been teaching at his home base in Edmonton, Alberta, establishing the College of Integrated Philosophy in 2006. He also holds seminars all over the world, where hundreds are responding to his presence and the simplicity of his message—the heart is our doorway to deeper truth within. John’s commitment is to activate the awakening of consciousness in others, to build a true reality in our lifetime and beyond.