Awareness of the negative effects of chemical pesticides on our environment and our health has never been higher. In response, many Canadian municipalities have enacted or are considering bylaws that ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. In light of the growing public awareness of this issue, garden writer and turf expert Don Williamson has written a timely new book that provides comprehensive knowledge and information on how to grow and maintain a chemical-free lawn for Canadian conditions. Filled with photos and illustrations, the topics covered include:

· how to prepare the soil for seeding or sodding

· how to check your soil for proper drainage and how to deal with problem areas

· how to establish a proper grade for your lawn

· planting strategies for seeding and sodding

· the best turfgrass species and cultivars

· lawn plants other than grass

· instructions for proper mowing, edging, watering, fertilizing and aerating

· identifying lawn problems, troubleshooting and strategies for repair

· a yearly calendar you can use for maintaining your lawn

· a review of equipment for use in lawn installation and maintenance