A comprehensive coverage of anything and everything you might want to know about growing bulbs:
· 20 outstanding bulbs are featured in detail: Alliums, Anemones, Begonias, Calla Lilies, Chionodoxas, Colchicums, Crocuses, Dahlias, Elephant Ears, Eranthis, Fritillaries, Galanthus, Gladioli, Hyacinths, Irises, Muscari, Daffodils, Squills, Hybrid Tulips and Species Tulips
· Each account covers the bulb’s type, planting season, best planting method and optimal conditions, blooming season, hardiness and favored varieties
· An extensive introduction covers the science and history of bulbs, how to shop for bulbs, basic rules of planting, nutrition, diseases and pests, overwintering, use of bulbs in garden design and creating arrangements with cutflowers
· A section called For the Adventurous features bulb varieties that are notably exotic, require special care or are strictly for indoor use
· The appendix has information on how to force bulbs to flower and how to naturalize bulbs.