Rife with legends, hauntings, unsolved crimes and unexplained events, Alberta has a dark underbelly:
• Somewhere in southwestern Alberta is a pot of gold known as the Lost Lemon Mine, if you can get past the curse; no one has ever been able to find the location
• The world-famous Banff Springs Hotel is also the site of one of Alberta’s most famous hauntings-the ghost of a bride walks the halls and dances in the ballroom
• Tales of strange crop circles found pressed into the thistle and barley on a farm near Edmonton in 1999 continue to baffle researchers
• The Atlas Coal Mine near Drumheller has its fair share of strange mysteries-why did a mine manager make sure no one else could access the contents of the office safe, which remains locked to this day?
• When nature unleashed its fury on the small mountain community of Frank, the story of one special survivor made its way around the world-a baby girl rescuers named Frankie Slide-but is that the whole story?
• It was called the perfect murder-six men were found dead at their Grande Prairie-area ranches, but not a single shred of concrete evidence was ever uncovered to reveal their killer
• Jasper residents wondered what was going on at Patricia Lake, but they suspected it was a top-secret World War II project—bring your hiking boots…and your diving gear if you want to find out!