Annuals offer a refreshing and versatile splash of colour. The recent explosion in new varieties suitable for use across the country has necessitated this updated approach. Rob Sproule of Salisbury Greenhouses presents easy-to-use recipes to create fabulous colour combinations for garden beds, borders and containers. He uses his years of expertise to provide the answers to the questions most commonly asked by gardeners when they come to the greenhouse. Rob’s goals are simple. He wants to make you fall in love with his favourite new annuals, to give you the confidence to take care of them, and to inspire you to be creative with them. In addition to information such as height and spread for each of the 81 accounts, he includes recommended varieties, light, water and fertilizer needs, and aggressive tendencies. Rob’s tremendous talent as a writer and photographer, combined with his passion for annuals and how to use them in garden spaces, makes this book a great read and a sensational visual treat.