Everyone always remembers the Guy Lafleur’s, Mario Lemieux’s, and Wayne Gretzky’s of the NHL but would they have scored so many points without the protection and hard work put in by the toughest hockey players on the ice. Dave Semenko never got more than 27 points in one season but his very intimidating presence gave Gretzky enough room on the ice to perform his magic. Throughout the history of the game the NHL enforcer has made his mark on the history of the game whether most like it or not.

· The early enforcers like Eddie Shore and Billy Coutu who made the tough guys presence in hockey a necessity.

· Enforcers like Chris Milan and John Ferguson who were an indispensable part of every team they played for.

· Dave “Tiger” Williams is the penalized player in NHL history and proud of it.

· Despite his size Tie Domi has become one of the league leaders every year in penalty minutes but is also a integral part of his team on and off the ice.

· The 1970s Philadelphia Flyers team became known as the Broad Street Bullies because of their intimidating overall size and physical style of play with tough guys like Dave Schultz and Andre Dupont.

· And many more of the toughest, meanest, and just plain scary players ever to lace on a pair of skates.