People who live in Northern California have access to a dramatic variety of landscapes, climates and biodiversity. Marine and coastal zones, rugged mountains, humid forests, wild backcountry, grasslands, sagebrush scrublands, deserts, streams and lakes all contribute to its unique, scenic wonders and ecological grandeur. Conservation International defines the California Floristic Province—the area of California west of the Sierra Nevada-Cascade Range—as a world biodiversity hotspot, owing to an unusual concentration of endemic plants. Of approximately 8000 plant species in the geographic region, about half are endemic. Many areas of Northern California, especially in the mountains, have been protected, and the significance of that foresight is inestimable.

Lone Pine’s newest field guide – the NORTHERN CALIFORNIA NATURE GUIDE – is a handy aid for area residents and visitors alike in identifying the animals and plants you’ll find when visiting Northern California’s great outdoors. The book features 267 types of animals and 117 plants found in the region. Each species is portrayed by an accurate hand-drawn color illustration. Accompanying text presents the common and scientific names of the species, descriptions of size and other identifying characteristics, natural history and fascinating facts, and where you can expect to find that species.

The book is conveniently organized by color-coded categories: mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, fish, invertebrates, trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and ferns.

A full-color Quick Identification Guide, an Index and an illustrated Glossary are among the features designed to enhance ease of use for the reader.