For over 25 years, the Rediscovery program has drawn from the timeless wisdom of native American elders to help teach youth, native American and otherwise, to respect the earth and each other. Today dozens of Rediscovery programs have been developed around the world, helping indigenous youth to rediscover their heritage and allowing others the opportunity to learn important lessons about balance and harmony with our environment. This deeply respectful book provides more than 130 activities which schools and youth camps are able to use when they gather to reacquaint themselves with their place in nature.

Author Thom Henley is a founder of the Rediscovery program and a tireless campaigner for the preservation of wilderness areas and traditional lands. He has traveled to more than 70 countries, to live with and learn from indigenous peoples. He has lectured in 15 countries and has received numerous international and national conservation and human rights awards, among them the prestigious Sol Feinstone Award from the State University of New York.