Whether you have just a patio, rooftop or windowsill, you can grow pretty flowers and tasty vegetables anywhere, even in our Canadian climate. Focused on urban gardening in small spaces, and specifically for city dwellers who garden on balconies, patios, decks, teeny-tiny townhouse yards, stairwells and wherever else they can find, this book features all you need to know to grow annuals, perennials and edibles in the big city: * Available spaces including roofs, corridors and balconies * Alternative spaces such as community gardens, guerrilla gardening and shared backyards * Design and planning * Basics such as what, where and when to plant * Tools and supplies such as hanging containers and soil mixes and amendments * Potential problems such as pollution, wind, diseases and pests * How to keep plants healthy * Making the most of limited spaces by using innovative containers, raised beds, succession planting and vertical gardening * Stretching the growing season, harvesting and winterizing the garden spaces * The ”Top Three” annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits and herbs to grow in small spaces * Full-colour photos throughout * And more.