In 1945, the Vancouver Canucks were formed as part of the Pacific Coast Hockey League. In 1970, the team finally joined the NHL. Ever since, the team has had a proud history in the league, and Vancouver fans eagerly cheer their hometown boys on, hoping for playoff glory. Read the exciting history and thrilling stories of this great Canadian team:

The Canucks initially tried to join the NHL in the 1967 expansion but were blocked by the Detroit Red Wings’ Bruce Norris and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Stafford Smythe

After the team’s 1994 Stanley Cup finals loss to the New York Rangers, fans rioted in the streets of downtown Vancouver, causing damage estimated at $1.1 million dollars

The team’s longstanding history of problems in nets has led to the nickname Goalie Graveyard, coined by Brian Burke

In 2004, Canucks player Todd Bertuzzi became the target of fan anger after he attacked Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore in retribution for an earlier incident between Moore and Canucks captain Markus Näslund

In 2006, the club began a major rebuilding effort in hopes of finally bringing home their long-awaited first Stanley Cup

The team has come close to hockey’s biggest prize several times, but Lord Stanley’s Mug still eludes the Vancouver franchise

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