Each new season brings a rich bounty of homegrown products that appear in our gardens, farmers’ markets and grocery stores. Seasonally sensitive cuisine here in Washington takes advantage of the freshness and economy of our local vegetables, fruits, herbs, cheeses, wines, seafood and meats, which are best at their peak of availability. This book provides 90 kitchen-tested and tasty recipes featuring seasonally available ingredients for appetizers, soups, salads, entrees, sides, brunches, desserts and drinks: * Spring: Clam chowder and tea-smoked scallops, Lamb with mustard spaetzle, Rhubarb pie with a meringue crust * Summer: Prawn and melon salad, Pacific scallops with bacon and vanilla, Barbecued peaches with Camembert * Fall: Lentil and roasted garlic soup, Coffee and chocolate braised short ribs, Apple cranberry cinnamon buns * Winter: White wine and garlic mussels, Tempura, Hazelnut torte with sour cherry preserve * Recipes are accompanied with local and regional history, folklore, regional food trivia, tips and variations, as well as stunning photography.