The rewards of the water garden can be great. The sight of ponds and waterfalls, and the sound of running or trickling water, automatically brings a sense of calm to our otherwise hectic lives. Water gardening has become increasingly popular with gardeners in the Northwest but it brings with it some unique challenges.

Water Garden Plants for Washington and Oregon is an excellent guide to getting started. The book features over 100 types of plant suitable to water garden and border plantings under Northwest growing conditions.

Each account features a full-color photographic enlargement of the plant up close, as well as a picture of the plant in the garden setting. The text includes information on habitat, height, spread, hardiness, optimal growing conditions, recommended species, as well as possible problems and pests.

The Plants At A Glance section at the front of the book makes it quick and easy to find any type of plant in the collection. A comprehensive 51-page Introduction covers the basics of climactic conditions in the Northwest, determining the best pond design, size and location, building a pond, establishing and maintaining pond ecosystems, types of water plants and how to buy, plant and maintain them, as well as problems and pests you may encounter.

A Quick Reference Chart at the back of the book is handy when you’re in the garden and need to quickly check specific plant information. The book also features a Glossary of terms and an Index.