Celebrate all that is odd, outrageous and downright outlandish in Atlantic Canada. From the supernatural to the screwball, this stuff can’t be found on postcards! Weird!

– A Newfoundland island was once zapped by an energy beam from the sky
– Several flaming phantom ships have been spotted sailing the local seas for centuries The Nazis invaded Labrador during World War II, and nobody found out about it until 40 years late

– An island in Mahone Bay could contain a fortune in buried pirate treasure
– A Nova Scotia fishing village is home to the world’s only officially documented UFO crash
– The islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon are still a part of France

– Alexander Keith’s ghost is said to haunt the halls of his Halifax brewery
– A New Brunswick hotel inspired the Stephen King novel The Shining

– The world’s highest tides, longest covered bridge, deepest causeway, beefiest bullfrog, scariest squid sculpture, largest pond hockey tournament and only giant pumpkin race are all found in Atlantic Canada.

And so much more…