Curious about what you can and can’t do across the continental U.S.? Don’t even
think about putting salt on a railroad track in Alabama; you could be arrested and
sentenced to die. And ladies, it’s illegal for married women in Florida to parachute on
Sundays. Read about more of these strange and wacky laws in Weird U.S. Laws:
• In Memphis, you aren’t allowed to share your pie nor can you take home any
leftover pie
• Motorists in Alabama are prohibited from driving their vehicles while blindfolded
• Oregon banned self-serve gas bars in 1951, so it is illegal for anyone to pump gas
into a car in that state, although motorcycles and boats are exempt
• Talk about courtesy patrol: in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a police officer who suspects
a couple is having sex in a vehicle must honk the patrol car horn three
times and wait two minutes before approaching the vehicle
• In Carver County, Minnesota, airplanes, hot air balloons or any other flying apparatus
aren’t allowed to take off or land in public parks; shooting off toy rockets
is also against law
• Bad news for the hairy: in Omaha, Nebraska, a man is not allowed to “run
around” with his chest shaved
• Keep that car on the road in Quitman, Georgia, because it’s illegal for cars to
drive on sidewalks. Oddly, it’s also illegal for chickens to cross the road!
• Resist that music! In New Hampshire, patrons in bars are not permitted to tap
their feet to the music
• In Arkansas you can’t keep your alligator, or alligators as the case may be, in your
• In Washington State, it’s against the law to use “X-ray, fluoroscopic or other
equipment or apparatus employing roentgen rays” to fit that perfect shoe; the
only people allowed to view the bones in your feet are licensed health practitioners
• Since 1919 in Michigan, it has been illegal for anyone to kill an animal by electrocution
or by using a high altitude decompression chamber
• If you plan to tie your elephant to a parking meter in Florida, you must pay the
fee as you would for any vehicle.
And so many more!