In the first two volumes of the bestselling What Grows Here? series, Jim Hole tackled locations and problems, providing great plant choices for a multitude of gardening situations. In this third volume, Solutions Jim introduces the reader to the owners of thirteen gardens in different stages of development, and discusses the real life problems each faces, while continuing to offer more of the same expert advice on selecting the best plant for specific locations and conditions. Jim also takes the reader into the yards of innovative gardeners who have creatively and successfully met a variety of gardening challenges. He reviews and discusses their solutions and plant choices, and offers his own possible alternatives in his usual friendly and informative manner.

Whether answering questions that owners of new yards have or those of gardeners with established landscapes, Jim Hole opens gardener’s eyes to the many possibilities that today’s best plant varieties offer. Accompanied by award winning photographer, Akemi Matsubuchi’s beautiful images, Jim illustrates how to truly make a landscape your own, all while following his personal philosophy: Enjoy Gardening