Juicy, sweet, tart and sometimes sour, wild berries burst with flavor and goodness. They are a delicious treat any time—especially while you are out hiking—and they could save you from starvation if you get lost. Berries have been used for food and medicine for millennia, and early peoples and settlers preserved them for winter use in everything from pemmican to jams and jellies. In this guide to the wild berries of Washington and Oregon, co-authors T. Abe Lloyd and Fiona Hamersley Chambers provide:
• detailed descriptions of over 200 berries and berry-like fruits
• ethnobotanical and early Native American uses and management of
wild berry resources
• range and seasons
• edibility of each berry, from highly edible to not palatable to poisonous
• descriptions of poisonous wild fruits and berries, so you know which
ones to avoid
• 20 tasty berry recipes including muffins, squares, popsicles and drinks
• full-color photos and beautiful illustrations to help identify the species.
You may have forgotten what a “real” berry tastes like, but take this book
with you on your next hike and you’ll be able to enjoy a cornucopia of