No one can forget the eerie howl of a wolf penetrating the silent darkness of night; it is the very embodiment of wilderness. For thousands of years in North American Native mythology, the wolf has been a protector and spirit guide and has represented loyalty, wisdom and intelligence. But the march of settlement across the continent was not kind to wolves. In the United States, they have almost completely vanished. Canada, in vivid contrast, has one of the world’s largest wolf populations, but the species faces great challenges from habitat reduction, industrial expansion, and hunting and trapping. This book is at once a primer on wolf biology, a history of wolves in Canada and an extensive overview of our conservation activities. Ultimately, it is a defence and celebration of the wolf and its majestic ”call of the wild.” Wolves in Canada features: * Wolf physiology, distribution, behaviour and interaction with other species * Management programs for this endangered mammal * The wolf in Native mythology * The introduction of wolves from Canada into the U.S. * Maps, illustrations and photos throughout.