In honour of Alberta’s Centenary year, The Albertans profiles 100 individuals from our province who have either made a significant contribution to life in Alberta or have reached acclaim far beyond the province’s borders. We realize that a list of 100 people is far too short to recognize all the great persons of achievement who call Alberta home. We also know, however, that you will find our gallery of portraits both fascinating and highly informative.

Here are a few of the people you’ll meet in The Albertans:

Ian Tyson, the cowboy and folk singing legend whose career spans over 40 years and who is still riding the cowboy trail

Winnifred Stewart, the dedicated mother, nurse and educator who changed the lives of thousands of mentally challenged individuals throughout western Canada

Normie Kwong, the ‘China Clipper’ of CFL football fame, who today is Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta

k.d. lang, internationally acclaimed recording artist whose voice–and life–is in a class by itself

Dr. James Shapiro, whose pioneering research at the University of Alberta is revolutionizing treatment for diabetes

Jane Ash Poitras, a brilliant artist whose work is sought by galleries around the world and whose message seeks to heal the wounds of First Nations people

Hockey’s most famous family, the Sutters, who successfully sent six sons from their Viking area farm to conquer the National Hockey League

Reverend Yutetsu Kawamura, the travelling priest of southern Alberta who looked after Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike during the tough years of the Depression and Second World War

Ralph Klein, the beer-drinking maverick who went from Calgary television reporter to being the most popular Alberta premier of all time.