Crimes and Capers of the Northwest is a rascal-laden romp through Washington, Oregon and Idaho of high-profile crimes and quirky capers that have taken place in both the most recent and the distant past: * Linda Burfield Hazzard pretended to be a doctor — a ”fasting specialist” — who convinced her patients to starve themselves to death so she could profit from them * Clarence Dayton Hillman, a real estate manipulator, hired actors and staged fake scenery to lure unsuspecting customers into buying inferior land * Keith Hunter Jesperson was a truck driver and serial killer known as ”The Happy Face Killer” because of the way he signed his letters to the media * William Dainard was a bumbling fool, yet he kidnapped nine-year-old George Weyerhauser of the Weyerhauser Timber Company off the street in the middle of the day and got George’s father to pay a $200,000 ransom * Ted Bundy killed as many as 40 women throughout the Northwest states between 1974 and 1978; his favorite hunting grounds were college campuses * Mary Kay Letourneau, a married 34-year-old schoolteacher, fell in love with her 13-year-old student and had two children with him; after being imprisoned for six years as a child sex offender, the two married. * And more.