This book profiles some of Canada’s wealthiest people from their beginnings in business to the peak of their success and, sometimes, their downfall. Read more about the stories behind the money:
• The Bronfman family’s rise during Prohibition to build the Seagram’s empire
• Media baron Conrad Black’s road to knighthood and his fall from grace
• Jimmy Pattison, the car salesman with a drive to succeed in everything from advertising to groceries
• Izzy Asper, who went from lawyer to MLA to media billionaire
• The McCains’ growth from small potatoes to the world’s largest french fry manufacturers
• Clay Riddell and Murray Edwards, oil patch billionaires
• Michael Lee-Chin, the Chinese-Jamaican son of a former Avon lady, who started as a university bar bouncer in Hamilton and went on to establish a billion-dollar mutual fund
• Bernard Ebbers’s fall from WorldCom CEO to convicted criminal
• Kenneth Thomson, the enigmatic Baron Thomson of Fleet, art collector and owner of Thomson Corporation, one of the world’s most powerful information services and academic publishing companies.
And more…