Canada is home to some very cool mysteries: buried treasure, haunted places, unsolved murders and mysterious events:
• After more than a century of searching for clues to one of Canada’s greatest mysteries, the whereabouts of the Franklin Expedition were finally discovered in early September 2014 when the intrepid researchers from Parks Canada discovered one of Franklin’s two ships
• For more than 250 years treasure seekers have descended on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia in search of unknown riches believed buried there—possibly Marie Antoinette’s jewels?
• Almost 20 years ago, six young men went missing in Lake Ontario after a night of partying; no evidence has been found to indicate what may have happened to Pickering’s “Lost Boys”
• Group of Seven artist Tom Thomson was just beginning to enjoy the accolades of Canadian art lovers when he disappeared during a fishing trip in on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park; his body was discovered eight days later, but the cause of his death is still a mystery
• A ghost ship, flames leaping from its deck but not consuming it, has been seen sailing the Northumberland Strait, since 1786, but what does it mean? No one really knows.
And many more…