The Canadian Book of Beer cracks open the stories behind our unofficial national beverage. From brewing company feuds to the history of hops in Canada and around the world to how and where to buy your suds and recycle the empties, our country has more invested in the brewing tradition than you might realize. So, drink up:
– Find out which beers are best to quaff for each season
– BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan are world famous for their malt-barley production
– Each year the Canadian Brewing Awards honours brewers across the country with winners in over 20 categories
– Discover how the peoples of Mesopotamia and beyond created (and drank) their ales and lagers
– Which foods go best with which types of beer?
– In 1934, John Sackville Labatt was Canada’s first victim of kidnapping for ransom when he was abducted on his way to a company meeting
– Canada’s craft-brew segment has grown into a strong competitor against the big boys of brewing, but where is the best place in Canada to experience this craft-brew innovation?
– Two of the last towns in Canada to abandon the notion of alcohol prohibition were Hanover and Stanley in Manitoba—in 2006. And so much more…