Hockey is so much a part of Canadian life that the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada has been called our unofficial national anthem. Canada’s greatest game offers up plenty of fascinating facts: * The longest NHL game ever played was 176.5 minutes long and went into six overtime periods * Wayne Gretzky is still the only NHL player to break the 200-point mark in a single regular season * One-eyed Frank McGee of the 1905 Ottawa Silver Seven scored 14 goals in one Stanley Cup game * Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens became the only NHL player to be awarded all three stars in one game * With a broken leg, Bob Baun scored a game-winning overtime goal and led the Maple Leafs to their third straight Stanley Cup * Bill Mosienko scored the fastest hat trick ever, scoring three goals in just 21 seconds * At age 52, Gordie Howe (”Mr. Hockey”), was the oldest player to ever lace on his skates for a professional hockey team * Plus even more amazing trivia about the most popular sport on ice.