One of Canada’s best-kept secrets is the amazing list of inventions, both great and ridiculous, that were created by Canadians! Author Lisa Wojna celebrates Canuck ingenuity and tells the stories behind an array of innovations. From the space shuttle’s Canadarm to the electron microscope, Canadians can lay claim to many creations. Some have changed our world for the better; others are just wonderfully weird.

Great Ideas

• telephone

• goalie mask

• standard time

• Superman

• snowmobile

• kayak

• insulin

• zipper

• Robertson screw

• egg carton

• snowshoe

• paint roller

• basketball

What were they thinking?

• disposable ship

• mechanical skirt lifter

• Earth Paper

• rocking chair butter churn

• square bullets

• synchronized swimming

• salmon leather

• jolly jumper

• poutine

• cylinder boat

• 3-D jigsaw puzzle.

• hat with a water

reservoir for a flower

You’ll be amazed, astounded and occasionally downright embarrassed. But you’ll finally be able to answer Trivial Pursuit questions about Canadian inventions. And, yes, Canadians invented that game, too.