The land encompassed by the Muskoka and Parry Sound districts, and the near north just beyond them, is beautiful, but it can also be harsh. For some early settlers it meant prosperity, but for so many more it meant hardship and heartache as they struggled to grow crops in the shallow, rocky soil or to survive the logging camps and silver mines. Today, beyond its idyllic facade, Cottage Country is haunted by ghosts of the past, and Maria Da Silva and Andrew Hind offer just some of their stories here:
• Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge in home to several spirits, most prominently William C. Mahaffy, Muskoka’s first District Judge, who still walks about the place as if he owns it
• the RMS Segwun, Muskoka’s oldest and only operating steamship, has at least one ghostly passenger who refuses to disembark
• the ghost of Marily Monroe herself may haunt chalet 15 at Yesterday’s Resort on the French River
• three women visiting the Dwight Cemetery are certain they saw a headstone for a woman named Emily, but haven’t been able to find it since
• a ghost wagon pulled by phantom horses is occasionally seen near Dollar’s Lake, where a drunk driver ran his horses and wagon into a river and drowned years ago
• though the living congregration has moved on, spirits remain faithful at St. George’s Anglican Church in Cooper’s Falls
• a tale of tragic love has forever cursed the Manitou Islands in Lake Nipissing
• the Reverend and Mrs. Hill still reside over their home, despite the fact that both of them are long dead and their house is now part of the pioneer village at Muskoka Heritage Place.

and more.